5 reasons Vietnamese people move to Miami, Florida

Besides California or Texas, families who have settled or have children studying in the US must be familiar with the name Florida – one of the states with the largest and oldest Vietnamese community in the US. In recent years, the number of Vietnamese in particular and foreigners moving to Miami – Florida’s largest metropolis to work and study has increased. Why is that?

Miami’s climate is hot and humid, similar to Vietnam

It is a fact that most Vietnamese families cannot adapt to the cold weather of the North of the United States, so they have chosen to live in areas with a hot and humid climate similar to Vietnam such as Florida – the most famous state in the world. Known as the “sunshine state” or “tropical paradise”.

Located at the tip of Southeast Florida, the city of Miami stretches across the Atlantic Ocean and enjoys a hot and humid tropical climate year-round. With an average annual temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, Miami is considered one of the warmest cities in the United States and most suitable for Vietnamese people.

Miami has a developed economy and transportation system

With a prime location along the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Miami is an important gateway between the US and Central America, the Caribbean and South America. The transportation system in this city is considered to be the top ideal when residents can travel by air, road and water with Miami International Airport, Amtrak railway line, railway system. Heavy Metrorail, Metromover, Port of Miami, etc. The city of Miami has developed strongly since the 20th century thanks to two key industries: Tourism and Commerce.

The average income of Miami residents is $21,274/year (equivalent to about 490 million VND/year, 41 million VND/month). Miami’s job growth rate in the coming period is forecast at 42.7%, higher than the national average of 33.5%.

The Miami education system is rated as the most advanced

The city of Miami also owns the most advanced education system, famous for the University of Miami (University of Miami) and Florida International University (Florida International University) among the top best universities in the United States.

Miami residents are exempt from personal income tax

Out of a total of 50 states in the United States, only 7 states currently apply a personal income tax exemption policy, one of which is Florida. Thanks to this tax-free policy, the state has attracted a large number of workers and investors to Florida to work and settle permanently.
In which, the Florida city of Miami is also considered the top attractive land for immigrants when 1/3 of the population here was born by permanent residents. According to statistics, out of every 100 foreigners buying a home in Florida, 54 people choose to buy a home in Miami. In addition to the purpose of buying a home to live in, some see owning a home in Miami as a safe investment, others buy beach apartments for the purpose of relaxation. (According to Norada Real Estate Investments).

Reasonable house prices in Miami, sustainable growth

Miami has a housing supply 5 times higher than the national average making it a rare balanced market in the context that the US is facing a severe housing supply-demand imbalance. , leading to house prices in most other areas being pushed up. This means that buyers can buy homes in Miami at a more affordable price than in other parts of the US.

Despite the oversupply, home prices in Miami have increased steadily over time. As of the beginning of June 2021, house prices in this city have increased by 20% compared to last year. This trend is expected to continue in the near future.

3 notes when buying a house in Miami

USHome understands that buying a house to settle in the US in general and Miami in particular is an important long-term decision. Accordingly, a good house needs to meet the highest criteria in many aspects to ensure a stable, happy and developing life for generations in the family:

  • Choose a professional investment advisor. With the help of a professional and market-savvy investment advisor, you can buy the best home at the best price without worrying about process or safety.
  • Buy a completely new house with an area just enough to use, with an advanced system of amenities and a warranty by a reputable investor. In the US, buying a new home with a warranty is always a smarter choice than buying an old home and spending extra money to upgrade.
  • Choose homes in areas with developed economies, high-income communities, 8-10 point school systems in the US . This is a key factor that determines the quality of life of the family and the rate of real estate price appreciation in the future.

As one of the few Investment Consulting Firms that owns a US-Vietnam international office system with the most rigorous due diligence process, USHome is proud to introduce to you 3 Miami housing communities that satisfy the needs of the community. highest investment criteria, developed by Lennar – the leading Housing Development and Construction Company in the US:

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