Increase your chances of becoming an Australian Permanent Resident by 6 times with a 189 visa

The total target of Australian skilled visas increased by 79%, from 79,600 (in 2021-22) to 142,400 (in 2022-23), of which:

Notably, visa 189 (PR) known as a “hard to obtain” visa stream now accounts for the main weight, 23% of the total target.
In the first 3 invitation rounds of 2022-23, the Immigration Department “surprised” when inviting a large number of applicants for visa 189 at a floor level of 65 points. Compared to previous years, the number of invitations is 7-8 times higher, especially the big difference with the last 2 years due to the impact of Covid-19.

According to statistics, applicants who apply for EOI (Application for 189 visa) are currently most concentrated in the following occupations:

  • Accountant (General) (Kế toán tổng hợp)
  • Software Engineer (Kỹ sư phần mềm)
  • Mechanical Engineer (Kỹ sư cơ khí)
  • Civil Engineer (Kỹ sư xây dựng)
  • ICT Business Analyst (Phân tích kinh doanh)
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer (Kỹ sư hệ thống và mạng máy tính)
  • Developer Programmer (Lập trình viên)
  • Engineering Technologist (Kỹ thuật viên các khối ngành Kỹ thuật)
  • Electrical Engineer (Kỹ sư điện)
  • ICT Security Specialist (Chuyên viên an ninh mạng)
  • Systems Analyst (Phân tích hệ thống)
  • Chef (Bếp trưởng)
  • Electronics Engineer (Kỹ sư điện tử)
  • Telecommunications Engineer (Kỹ sư viễn thông)
  • External Auditor (Kiểm toán)
In addition, positions in the Healthcare and Teaching sectors are currently being prioritized in Australia with very fast application processing speed.
Australia is opening its doors to people with expertise and skills. However, it is highly likely that Australia will soon overcome the labor shortage thanks to the current easing of eligibility criteria.
To catch up on the opportunity to own a permanent resident ticket through the 189 visa, applicants need to make a decision and apply as soon as possible before the Department of Immigration tightens the criteria.

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