Ke Ga Real Estate: Race to welcome the airport, highway, tourist capital

If highways and airports simultaneously reach the finish line in 2022, causing investors to “stand still” to transfer cash flows to Binh Thuan to receive waves, then the complete planning of a strip of sea surface extending more than 15km from Ke Ga to Tien The city of tourism development creates a sustainable growth rate for this regional market.

Before G – investors flocked to Binh Thuan to catch the wave A series of positive signals from key infrastructure plans have shown that Binh Thuan is a potential real estate market and in 2022 is considered as an important hinge year for people and investors in Binh Thuan. After many years of waiting, the dream of having a highway, the airport is now only counted by month when both these works will meet to the finish line by the end of this year. The expressway will shorten the distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Ke Ga to nearly 2 hours, to Phan Thiet 2.5 hours and Mui Ne more than 3 hours. These are the three tourist attractions of Binh Thuan. Thanks to the shortest travel distance, Ke Ga area will replace Vung Tau beach as a familiar stopover, welcoming all tourists from the Southeast region to weekend or short vacations. Meanwhile, with an airport, Binh Thuan will be able to access millions of passengers from the northern and western regions, which have been in short supply for many years. The successful lesson of tourism and real estate Phu Quoc is forecasted to be re-established in Binh Thuan. Before 2014, Phu Quoc was just an unspoiled island, but when the airport was put into operation, it became the leading tourist destination of Vietnam, real estate prices increased dozens of times and showed no sign of cooling down. The breakthrough growth of tourism after having highways and airports, especially in the context that Vietnam has officially entered the “new normal”, is undisputed. However, when the project went into stable operation, the value of Binh Thuan real estate has reached a new milestone. A longtime investor who is pouring tens of billions into Binh Thuan revealed that the duo of Dau Giay – Phan Thiet highways and Phan Thiet airport are both national key projects, and the same traffic at the same time will create aftershocks. very big. Therefore, in the period of 2022-2023, it will be a golden time that many investors flock here to look for opportunities before the sudden increase in real estate prices when these two projects come into operation for about 6-12 months. Anh Quang (an investor from Hanoi) has just closed the sea lot, said that in many localities, only Binh Thuan, especially the area adjacent to Ke Ga beach, possesses the most infrastructure power. “At this point, when it’s time to open traffic, the price will probably increase by 30-40%, double the market’s average increase of 15-20%” – Anh Quang said. The longest and busiest resort road in Binh Thuan  In the long term, Binh Thuan is also considered a sustainable market by experts. Convenient location, airport, highway, rich natural resources, leading beautiful coastline in Vietnam are factors that pull domestic and international tourists to grow steadily every year. Even with large-scale complexes about to go into operation and centralized planning to promote tourism strengths, in the near future Binh Thuan will not only be on a par with Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc but completely can rise on the world map. Specifically, in the 192km of coastline, according to the latest land use planning, Binh Thuan prioritizes planning a land bank of more than 15km in front of the sea to fully serve tourism, trade and service activities. from the inlet beach (adjacent to Lagi) to the first point of Tan Thanh (Phan Thiet). The entire tourist strip runs parallel to DT.719 and DT.719B roads. This will be the new focus of enthusiasm invested by Binh Thuan. In this range, more than 95% of the land bank belongs to trade and services. Only a few projects alternating residential land belong to the Thanh Long Bay complex located in Hon Lan Bay. Ham Thuan Nam also arranges 2 marinas located at Thanh Long Bay and Ke Ga cape area to attract high-class tourists. The tourist route is now densely packed with hundreds of high-class resorts and complexes that have been operating and are in the process of being built. As noted, the two leading projects in Binh Thuan are located in this planning range, of which the most prominent is Thanh Long Bay urban area oriented into a complex of marine sports – tourism – entertainment according to international standards. , in line with the general development strategy of Binh Thuan – becoming a national marine sports center.

Super complex of Thanh Long Bay – a destination to elevate Binh Thuan tourism

It is known that this complex has a scale of up to 90 hectares, gathering more than 1,000 utilities with a variety of products, is one of the leveraged projects to accelerate Binh Thuan tourism strongly in the coming time. . Part of the complex will be put into operation in 2023, at the same time the airport and highway have just opened to traffic. Along with the excitement of infrastructure, determination to plan methodically, Binh Thuan province aims to attract 8.9 million visitors by 2025, equal to Da Nang and 120% higher than Khanh Hoa in 2019. However, According to current statistics, the tourist attractions of Nha Trang and Da Nang have land prices 3-6 times higher than Ke Ga, Phan Thiet, and Mui Ne, depending on the location. Compared in Binh Thuan alone, the lowest price list among the 3 tourist destinations belongs to Ke Ga. This is the reason why this area is believed by investors to have the best growth margin in the near future. Urban resort – entertainment – sea sports Thanh Long Bay. Developer: Nam Group Corporation. Location: Ke Ga – Binh Thuan


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