Canada Visa Processing Fees

Canada announces new immigration fees for 2022

ProgrammeCandidateCurrent feeNew fee from April 30, 2022
Permanent residence cardMain applicant and spouse$500$515
Federal Skilled Worker Stream

Provincial Nominee Program

Skilled Workers in the Province of Quebec

Atlantic Settlement

and most economic settlements (Rural, Agricultural products)

Main applicant$825$850
Accompanying dependent children$225$230
Direct Carer and Carer Pilot Program (Child Home Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot)Main applicant$550$570
Accompanying dependent children$150$155
Business (Federal and Quebec)Main applicant$ 1,575$1,625
Accompanying dependent children$225$230
Family Reunion (Spouse, Partner, and Children; Parents and Grandparents; and other relatives)Sponsor fee$75$75
Sponsored main applicant$475$490
Sponsored dependent children$75$75
Accompanying dependent children$150$155
Protected personMain applicant$550$570
Accompanying dependent children$150$155
Humanitarian and Public PolicyMain applicant$550$570
Accompanying dependent children$150$155
Licensed LaborMain applicant$325$335

You may be required to pay a permanent resident card fee at the same time you apply or when approved and will be refunded if your immigration application is denied. However, fees must be paid to activate permanent resident status.

The permanent residence fee does not apply to:

  • dependent children of the applicant or principal sponsor,
  • adoption sponsorship application,
  • an application to sponsor a brother, sister, niece, nephew or orphan, or
  • protected persons, including eligible applicants on humanitarian grounds and regulated refugees.

Fees for permanent resident cards, permanent resident travel documents, and certification or replacement immigration documents will not increase.

Canada advocates a cost-effective approach to funding government programs, where the bulk of the costs are covered by the recipients, not the taxpayers.

These fee increases are intended to ensure that Canada remains competitive and in line with the fees of countries with other immigration systems. Canada’s fees are generally lower than those of countries with similar immigration systems, such as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Fees are expected to increase over two years based on increases in the current Consumer Price Index rounded to the nearest $5. The next federal fee increase is expected to be announced in 2024.

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