Cost of Living in Canada in Winter – Updated December 2022

The cost of living is one of the very important factors that families or students studying abroad in Canada need to pay close attention to.

The cost of living will generally have seasonal variations during the year (Example: Heating costs in winter), but averaged out, the Price Index can also provide provides us with a relatively comprehensive picture when comparing the cost of living in the main cities of La Phong in the last season of the year.

RatingName of City / ProvincePrice Index
11thLondon, Ontario133
12thNanaimo, British Columbia129
14thCharlottetown, PEI126
17thQuebec City119
21 stGreater Sudbury115
The following table compares some essential living expenses in the cities of Toronto (Ontario), Vancouver (British Columbia) and Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island – PEI):

Please note, the price specifications are for reference only and will change from time to time.

ExpendituresToronto (ONTARIO)Vancouver (BC)Charlottetown (PEI)
Monthly rent – ​​area 85m2 (Expensive area)CAD 3.834CAD 4,346CAD 1.681
Monthly rent – ​​area 85m2 (Normal area)CAD 2.994CAD 3,115CAD 1.247
Cost of electricity, water, gas, heating for the apartment 85m2CAD 166CAD 180CAD 232
Monthly rent – ​​area 45m2 (Expensive area)CAD 2.270CAD 2,425N/A
Monthly rent – ​​area 45m2 (Normal area)CAD 1.910CAD 2,025CAD 859
Cost of electricity, water, gas, heating for the apartment 45m2CAD 129CAD 145N/A
Cost of lunch (eating/drinking) at the commercial districtCAD 26CAD 25CAD 24
Combo fast foodCAD 13CAD 12CAD 12
Price of 1 liter of milk (Whole fat milk)CAD 3,53CAD 2,92CAD 2,65
Price of 1kg of applesCAD 4.36CAD 4,34CAD 4,27
Price of 1kg of potatoesCAD 4,46CAD 3,59CAD 1,65
Price of 1 bottle of domestic beer (0.5 liter) at the supermarketCAD 3.19CAD 3,41CAD 4,02
Coca-Cola (2 liters)CAD 2,95CAD 2,86CAD 2,41
Jeans Price (Levis 501)CAD 80CAD 81CAD 72
Average price of 1 pair of sports shoes (Nike, Adidas)CAD 125CAD 120CAD 118
Unit price for 1 liter of gasolineCAD 1,86CAD 2,07CAD 1,24
Monthly pass for public transportCAD 154CAD 128CAD 63
Taxi cost for the first 8 kms (Weekdays)CAD 22CAD 22CAD 26
Haircuts for Men (International Tourist Area)CAD 31CAD 28CAD 19
Cost of dining out (Normal restaurant) for 2 peopleCAD 68CAD 91CAD 47
Movie ticket for 2 peopleCAD 30CAD 34CAD 27
Theater ticket for 2 people (First class ticket)CAD 180CAD 208CAD 131
Price for 1 cocktail (Downtown area)CAD 15CAD 15CAD 8
Price for 1 cup of Cappuccino (Area with a lot of tourists)CAD 4,89CAD 5,12CAD 4,59
Beer prices at regular pubs (500ml)CAD 7CAD 7CAD 6
Gym cost for 1 month (Central area)CAD 66CAD 63CAD 66
The table estimates the average cost of living in a month in 3 cities that currently attract many immigrants to live and work:
Estimated average cost of living in 1 monthToronto (ONTARIO)Vancouver (BC)Charlottetown (PEI)
Family of 4 peopleCAD 7.470CAD 7.779CAD 4.834
Single personCAD 4.504CAD 4.834CAD 2.364
Thus, for a family of 4, the average monthly living cost in Charlottetown (PEI) accounts for about 60-65% of the cost in Toronto and Vancouver. And if single, this cost only accounts for about half.
The cost of living is only a part of the overall factors that help families make a choice about where to invest, settle down or study abroad.

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