Investment Solution Visa 188, 132A

Visa 132A – Talented Entrepreneurs

Is an Australian permanent resident investment visa (PR visa) especially for experienced entrepreneurs who are business owners with real business intentions and investment in Australia, sponsored/recommended by the state government. state.
From April 27, 2021, the Australian Department of Immigration officially closed visa 132A, 132B  – investment immigration program to receive permanent residence immediately.

Families with 132A visas are entitled to benefits

  • Immediate permanent residency for the whole family (spouse, children)
  • The whole family gets free medical care
  • Children can study for free from grade 1 to grade 12
  • Preferential tuition fees like Australian citizens at College, University, and Graduate level
  • Eligible to receive subsidies from the Australian government
  • Freedom to study, work and do business in Australia
  • Have the right to sponsor relatives to Australia & apply for citizenship if eligible
  • Conditions of visa 132A
  • Under 55 years old (exceptions exist).
  • Having a very successful investment and business process.
  • Your total personal net worth is at least AU$1.5 million.

In two of the last four years, you achieved:​

  • The value of the capital contribution in the business is at least equivalent to A$400,000, or if the business is listed, you hold at least 10% of the shares in the business.
  • The total annual turnover of the business should be at least equivalent to A$3 million.
  • Commitment to invest in a business in Australia of at least AUD 1 million or depending on the specific requirements of each State
  • State sponsor/nomination required.

Visa 188A – Creative Entrepreneur

– Belongs to the Business Innovation stream (Business Innovation stream)
– Is a temporary resident visa with a temporary stay of 5 years and needs to meet the conditions to apply for Permanent Residence (PR).
– For entrepreneurs, major shareholders of businesses with revenue from 750,000 AUD (about 14 billion VND) who want to do business, do business and settle in Australia.

Requirements – Visa 188A:

  • Under 55 years old (with exceptions)
  • Have a convincing business investment plan in Australia and get a guarantee from the State successfully.
  • Own and operate one or more eligible businesses under Australian immigration law.
  • Have a successful business management career.
  • Your business has achieved a minimum turnover of 750,000 AUD (applicable from 1 July 2021) in 2 of the last 4 years.
  • Accumulate net worth of at least 1.25 million AUD (applicable from 1 July 2021).
  • Pass the Australian government’s 65-point rating scale, applicable from July 1, 21. Applications less than 65 points and reaching a minimum of 55 points still have a chance and need to meet some special conditions to successfully apply for a 188A visa.

Conditions for permanent residence 888A from visa 188A:

  • Invest in one or more businesses that are eligible under Australian immigration law in the Australian State that has sponsored you with a capital of at least AUD 200k (depending on the requirements of each State)
  • Invest and run a business in Australia for at least 2 years.
  • Generate a minimum turnover of AUD 300,000 in the last 12 months before applying for permanent residence 888A
  • Hire 2 Australian workers or transfer total assets to Australia at least 600,000 AUD (depending on the requirements of each State: note VIC, South Australia has its own conditions)
  • Meet the minimum Federally required time of stay: 12 months in the 3 years prior to applying for permanent residence 888A and/or State (entitled to “Role Swap” meet the applicant’s conditions)

Benefits of visa 188A:

  • Visa 188A is a 5-year temporary visa with conditions for permanent residence
  • If you have made the investment and business commitments as required by the original visa, you will be eligible to apply for a subclass 888A permanent resident visa.
  • If necessary, you can be allowed to extend your visa for another 2 years, so a total of 7 years to make the initial business investment commitments.
  • Children can study for free in grades 1-12.
  • Freedom to study, work and do business in Australia.


  • Note that, setting up an application for “Australian immigration by investment and business” is a rather complicated process and determining whether you have a high chance of getting a visa or not may not be simple. On the other hand, you are most likely eligible for more than one visa category.
  • So, if you want to check and properly assess the level of your application, or you want us to assist you in setting up a settlement application, please make an appointment for a consultation.
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