Status of state guarantee for Business Investment visa 188 – Updated to November 2022

Government announces official allocation quota for visa stream 188A/B/C

At the end of October 2022, the Australian Government announced that the total official allocation quota for the 188 visa stream – Business investment is 5,000 seats for the fiscal year 2022 – 2023. This number is significantly down from 13,500 seats in 2021. – 2022, which means a reduction of 63% of the total target.

Out of 5,000 business immigration targets, 810 has been allocated for the first phase. Thus, the remaining quota is 4,190 places.

Based on our sources, the States are expected to officially announce their eligibility for state guarantees for the remaining quota allocations in the first weeks of December 2022.

Looking back at the State guarantee situation from July 2022 to present

BangState guarantee status
New South Wales (Sydney)From October 10, 2022, NSW temporarily stopped accepting applications pending the next allocation.
Victoria (Melbourne)From October 31, 2022, Victoria temporarily stopped accepting applications for 188 visa sponsorship because the quota for phase 1: 170 seats has been exhausted.
Queensland (Brisbane)From November 8, 2022, QLD temporarily closed the state (suspended) after announcing that it had received all documents on September 20, 2022. The state is only processing applications submitted before November 8.
South Australia (Adelaide)From October 13, 2022, due to the limited number of quotas for the first time, South Australia will only accept ITA – Intention To Apply 188A visa applications. Applications for 188B/C visas will be temporarily not considered for sponsorship.
Western Australia (Perth)From October 12, 2022, Western Australia will temporarily stop accepting new applications and will only process applications for permanent visa 888 & extension for temporary visa 188.
ACT (Canberra)From November 20, 2022, the ACT is temporarily closed due to increased demand for 188 applications.
Tasmania (Hobart)No official announcement yet
Northern Australia (Darwin)No official announcement yet
The Australian immigrant investor visa lines include:

  1. Visa 188A – Creative Entrepreneur : the program has the lowest investment capital from only 200,000 AUD (about 3.2 billion VND) for business owners.
  2. Visa 188B – Financial investment : program to invest at least AUD 2.5 million in investment fund items regulated by the Government
  3. Visa 188C – Large Investor : Fast immigrant investor program, with no restrictions on age, qualifications, and English language with an investment of AUD 5 million in investment fund categories.

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