Visa 491 SBO ACT (Canberra)

The skilled visa program combined with small business investment was piloted for the first time by ACT (Canberra) from July 6, 2021, to target applicants in occupations that are not on the ACT Critical Skill List. key occupations of the ACT).
The 491 SBO ACT visa is a 5-year temporary visa that includes a number of conditions before becoming an Australian permanent resident.
The ACT is the fourth region, after Tasmania (Hobart), Queensland (Brisbane) and South Australia (Adelaide) to deploy this program, both facilitating the state’s economic development and creating opportunities for applications. The applicant is in the category of “difficult to immigrate” but in return has the ability to manage and operate the business.

Visa 190/491 – SBO ACT (Canberra) | Special point

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